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Lumps, Bumps and Things that Threaten Your Beloved Scottish Terriers

April 24, 2014

Scotties are known for many things: they’re fun, playful, regal and just a little bit goofy. My clients who have them as family members are intensely loyal and I find that their loyalty is typically reciprocated in kind. Because of this intense bond, my Scottie owners frequently want to know what problems they should be […]

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NTSR BLOG: EN GUARDE written by Linda Montgomery

NTSR BLOG: EN GUARDE written by Linda Montgomery

December 4, 2013

The adorable pictures of sibling Scotties on the NTSR Facebook page (featured above) have made me smile, but I’ll never get our two to “hug” unless it’s in a boxing ring. Bella, our 6-year-old black Scottie, and Barkley, our 3-year-old wheaten Scottie are more like human siblings than canine. When we’re not around, they play […]

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